XII Scientific Meeting of the Italian Society of Transport Economics (SIET)
“Sustainability, Quality and Security in Transport and Logistics systems”
Rome, 17-18th of June 2010

Dipartimento di Istituzioni Pubbliche, Economia e Società (DIPES) e
Laboratorio di Documentazione e Ricerca sull’Innovazione nelle Istituzioni Politiche, Economiche e Amministrative (DRIPEA)
Centro di Ricerca interdipartimentale di Economia delle Istituzioni (CREI)

The 2010 Annual Scientific Meeting of SIET will be hosted by the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Roma Tre from Thursday 17th to Friday 18th, June 2010.

The Local Organizers for the XII edition are: Professor Edoardo Marcucci, Professor Valerio Gatta and doctoral students Amanda Stathopoulos and Eva Valeri.


7th March 2010: submission of abstract
22nd March 2010: notification of acceptance of abstract
9th May 2010: submission of paper for publication in proceedings of the Scientific Meeting. We ask participants to send proof of registration fee payment and the registration form by the same date.

For information please contact:

 *      by telephone: Professor Edoardo Marcucci (+ 39 06 57335294)
 *      by mail: siet2010@uniroma3.it

The Italian Society of Transport  Economics (SIET) was founded in 1986 and is currently directed by Enrico Musso. The Annual Scientific Meeting of SIET aims to bring together transport economists from higher education, government and industry. The Meeting is an occasion where transport professionals come together to keep up-to-date with policy, research findings and best practice across a broad spectrum of transport issues. The conference is open to Italian and researchers from abroad. The current edition will offer presentations of papers by active professionals and researchers, based on a selection by the respected members of the transport profession in Italy. The broad themes covered in the meeting concern sustainability, quality and security issues in the transport field.